Easy social media design for lawyers [video tutorial]

Canva is a simple but powerful tool that allows you to create various types of graphics that you can use in your law firm. From business cards to brochures and holiday greetings to social media graphics. It is easy to use and free.

Ready for a quick demo? Let’s start with a Facebook post graphic.

Step 1 – go to www.canva.com and register for free

There is not much to describe here.

Step 2 – choose the type of graphic that you want to create

Canva gives you over 60 predefined graphics templates. Generally, they are up to date on social media platforms requirements. Nonetheless, keep in mind that when major changes are applied by Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, it may take some time for Canva to update all its templates.

Step 3 – design, create and have fun

Beside many templates, Canva offers ready to use designs that need just a little bit of editing – just change the text and maybe a background photo and your brand new graphic is done.

Without going into too much detail in terms of tools, Canva is a great software for an almost unlimited creativity.
I am not a graphic designer, so my skills and taste may be questioned.
But I am sure of one thing – with Canva I am very productive.

This is how my process looks like:

I hope that you will find this social media tutorial helpful.
If you have any questions regarding using Canva in your law firm, I will be happy to answer them.
Just contact me.