Healthy coexistence of law firm’s blog and LinkedIn Pulse. How to do it?

Imagine you want to share something in a blog post. Imagine you have a law firm blog, but recently someone told you about blogging on LinkedIn Pulse. 

If you want to figure out how to use them both in your law firm’s content marketing strategy – keep reading.

There are tons of article on legal blogging and blogging in general. LinkedIn’s publishing platform Pulse was also covered extensively.

But many users are also aware of a tactical issue that looks difficult to settle.
They ask the following question:

“Where should I publish my content: on a blog or on LinkedIn?”.

Law firm blog vs LinkedIn Pulse – pros and cons

There are pros and cons to both platforms, but to make a long story short:

  • blog – it is yours (domain, hosting, content) and gives you an opportunity to build a loyal community (i.e. mailing lists), but takes a little bit of time to setup (even with famous WordPress 5-minute installation),
  • LinkedIn Pulse – is ready for publishing as soon as you finish typing, a bigger business community is already there, but in maybe gone without a notice.

In my opinion, a blog should be a priority. It should be your content hub that you can extend with platforms like LinkedIn. According to this, I would advise publishing the original content on a blog and …

What should I do next?

Sharing is only one of the options. You can do it right after you post the article on your blog.
But you may also want to publish your content natively on LinkedIn due to reasons I wrote about. If you would do it along with the blog publication in may be bad for your SEO. Google robots may perceive it as a so-called “duplicate content” and therefore rank your blog lower, because it will obviously be weaker than the whole LinkedIn content ecosystem.

There is a solution, though. A tip I got from one from leading SEO specialists in Poland – Paweł Gontarek goes like this:

“Post content on LinkedIn Pulse about 7-14 days after the original publication on your blog”

Apparently, this timespan should be enough for Google robot to crawl through and index your original content, so a LinkedIn publication will not harm your SEO.

I look like you can use both – your blog and LinkedIn Pulse – for content sharing in your law practice.
Just do it smart.