Where law meets technology and marketing – LegalEX 2018 recap

During two days of March, the LegalEX 2018 conference became the hub for lawyers, legal marketers and legal tech enthusiasts.

It was very interesting to be a part of it. Here is my brief report.

The 5th edition of the LegalEX was rather an exhibition with a conference in the background. About 200 exhibitors from the UK and abroad presented the latest software, technology, and services that can be used by lawyers and law firms.

From CRM’s and case management systems to case funding to legal marketing services – you name it – everything was there.

In terms of legal tech solutions, some of them were designed for the biggest law firms (500+ lawyers) so it is always a good idea to ask if this particular software is meant for you.

Without going into too much details, the variety was stunning. Though I think that it is essential to make a research and prepare yourself for coming to such event. Otherwise, you may end up wandering around booths pointlessly, being politely asked to step in for a presentation.

But visiting expo was only one of the two reasons I decided to come to London. The other, maybe even more important, was to learn from those more experienced in the areas of legal marketing and legal technology.

Most of the talks I remember after LegalEX were given here

The promise of 150 talks, held in 8 theaters was tempting. It turned out that each theater was a section of the expo area, separated only by temporary walls and filled with quite a poor sound system.

If you sat in back rows you heard as much of a talk as a background noise of the conference.

Not all talks I have attended were at the satisfactory level, both in terms of knowledge and dynamics.
It is my opinion and maybe as a legal marketing professional, I just was not a perfect fit as a participant.

The most interesting talk for me were given by:

  • Rich Dibbins
  • Rachel Tombs
  • Vanessa Ugatti and
  • Richard Tromans

I had an opportunity to talk to Rachel and Rich and they shared very interesting insights. Both interviews will be available soon here at Legal Marketing Daily.

With Rich Dibbins (Conscious Solutions)
With Rich Dibbins (Conscious Solutions)


An interview with Rachel Tombs (LinkedIn Lawyer)
An interview with Rachel Tombs (LinkedIn Lawyer)

In general, I have spent 2 inspiring days at the LegalEX. I left with new relationships, new ideas, new inspirations and a solid confirmation that legal marketing and tech conferences are very important for healthy development of this market.

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