Zohar Fisher

Legal marketing in Israel is different – Zohar Fisher [podcast #004]

In this episode, I talk to Zohar Fisher, the founder of Robus LEGAL MARKETING located in Tel Aviv, Israel.
He is also an experienced attorney and it helps him to serve domestic and international law firms.
Listen or watch to find out why legal marketing in Israel is really a different thing.

We talked about:

  • the general picture of the Israeli legal market
  • code of legal ethics and its recent change
  • the ways that Israeli Bar Association keeps the legal market dynamic
  • forbidden legal marketing activities
  • the importance of legal directories and guides
  • use of social media, especially Facebook on top of the others
  • the client journey from website to social media profiles of lawyers and law firms
  • differences between legal marketing in Israel and Europe and USA
  • what international law firms should keep in mind when entering the Israeli legal market
  • telling the story of your law firm as a most important piece of information on a website
  • standing out of the competition with slogans
  • similarities between networking and hunting

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