Rachel Tombs

Rachel Tombs – LinkedIn for lawyers [LMD podcast #002]

Welcome to the second episode of the Legal Marketing Daily Podcast.

Today I talk to Rachel Tombs – the LinkedIn Lawyer (Links2Leads)

We met at the LEGALEX conference and expo in London and talked about basics and secrets of using LinkedIn by lawyers and law firms. If fact, LinkedIn is a great legal marketing tool.

“Your network is your net worth” – Rachel Tombs

Rachel shared her insights on:

  • should lawyers connect with their clients on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • how to start a LinkedIn relationship (intro note) and why the LinkedIn app does not help to do it properly
  • LinkedIn Groups for lawyers – should you use them?
  • how to enhance your personal profile
  • how to make use of your LinkedIn banner
  • why pets and children should not be a part of your professional photo on a personal profile
  • how to write LinkedIn bio using keywords that describe your services
  • how frequently should you post to build a trust factor
  • use of scheduling tools
  • how important is to work with a marketing agency that understands legal market
  • creating a community of followers on LinkedIn
  • how to encourage your fee earners to distribute law firm’s content on LinkedIn
  • using skills, endorsements, and recommendations on LinkedIn
  • 5 steps every lawyer can take to enhance her or his LinkedIn activity

Listen to “Rachel Tombs – “Your network is your net worth” – LinkedIn for lawyers” on Spreaker.