Send a clear message with your law firm’s slogan

There are various ways of showing your law firm’s values, expertise or way of work. In most cases, it boils down to a catchy slogan that should stick to your firm for years.
Take your time to come up with something creative, yet informative.
Do it intentionally, remembering what do your clients expect.

Take a look at these examples of law firm slogans:

“Small but mighty”

Firm: Novak Macey, Chicago, IL, USA

They show their character and a way of conduct by using metaphors of small, yet powerful animals and plants.

This solution may suit a small law firm that doesn’t want to place itself as a boutique firm in terms of areas of practice.
It may also be useful if you are willing to show that your skills are equal to those of large firms.

“High stakes litigation”

Firm: Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, New York, NJ, USA and 14 other offices

This is how you can show the type of cases you want to handle and the clients you want to serve.
This slogan combined with a background photo leaves no room for doubt about the law firm’s most important practice.

“Difficult, yet not impossible”

Firm: Krüger & Partners, Poznań, Poland

This boutique law firm specializing in litigation practices, both in criminal law as well as civil and commercial cases wanted to show their attitude towards their clients’ problems.

Together with stylish photographs of lawyers and their office, it makes a great impression.


These are only examples of lawyers creativity in terms of showing their uniqueness with words.
You can always argue about the meaning, the accuracy or simply the need of using such a slogan. But in my opinion, it is crucial to have it, because it is a center of law firm’s communication strategy. That is why it should be used widely, not only on the firm’s website.

Do you have your favorite law firm slogan?