Use a video to show your law firm’s unique selling proposition

Creativity in showing the spirit of the law firm is very important. Remember that the spirit of the firm, the team, and relationships between team members and clients may become your unique selling proposition.

If your team is the most important value you want to show to your prospective clients, a video is a great medium to do it.

Here are 2 examples of law firm videos that state it clearly.


This video shows the values of the firm by attaching them to key team members. Its series-intro style makes it unique and eye-catching.


2. Roshier

When I talk to lawyers about the way they serve their clients they say about putting client’s interest first. Finnish law firm Roshier turned this type of argument into an interesting and stylish video showing what they really care about.

Just take a look:

If you know an interesting law firm video, showing firm’s USP please contact me.