Would you like to say ‘Alexa, how can I win this case’?

The use of devices like Amazon’s Echo, Siri or Google Assistant can be a great facilitator for lawyers’ busy lives.
There are plenty of basic ways to use it, but wouldn’t it be great to go much deeper and ask Alexa for a real help?

Now every lawyer can put Alexa to work and use it to schedule meetings, ask for traffic on a way to the court, call a client, look something up on the internet or track your time with a Workspace Assistant by Thompson Reuters (pricey!).

But these are not the biggest challenges when you try to manage your law firm in an innovative way.
Let’s play for a moment and imagine you could:

  • find a relevant case or document in the Supreme Court of the United States database
  • find an information from an annual financial statement
  • find an exact location of your client’s accident
  • find a substitute lawyer in other city or state to go to the hearing

These are only mere examples and I think you can come up with hundreds more from your everyday practice.
The solution is to build Alexa Skills for lawyers. Alexa Skill is like an app, that enhances your Echo device features.

Of course, there are some technical issues to be solved and probably there will be skeptics saying that this is what stops the whole process.

But on the other hand, it looks like no one is even taking a chance in this market. I visited Amazon’s website yesterday and looked for Skills for lawyers. The outcome was devastating – 65 results including:

  • Lawyer Jokes
  • Funny Indian Laws
  • Crazy State Laws and
  • Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (well done here!).

It’s clear that it is a high time to do something about it.
If you are a tech geek or you just happen to have a good idea go to Alexa Skills Kit website.

If you really want to make a difference in the legal industry you should team up and join initiatives like GLOBAL LEGAL HACKATHON 2018. 

I’m looking forward to some great project here.
Good luck to all teams.