Your education is not important to your clients

A law degree is not the most important achievement in a lawyer’s career. Yet many lawyers still love to show it as something that makes them special.
If you really want to stand out, show your professional abilities and experience to your prospective clients.

Show a client that you are ready to help

What would you prefer to hear from a doctor when you have a knee problem:

  1. “My name is doctor Smith and I graduated from medical school” or
  2. “My name is doctor Smith, I perform around 300 surgeries every year”?
The same thing applies to lawyers.
Your clients really care about your experience and your ability to solve their problems.
The statement of your formal education doesn’t give them any of this.
Now take a look at your bio on your law firm‘s website. If your bio begins with a law school graduation part or with the name of your university, it means that the time has come to rewrite it.

What should be included in a lawyers bio?

This is my personal list of obligatory sections:

  1. name and title
  2. your most important professional capabilities
  3. explanation of how do you help your clients
  4. proof of your experience (for example cases or projects)
  5. contact details and a link to at least one of your social media profiles that you use for business purposes
  6. personal interests and hobbies (as a supplement).

It looks obvious, but many lawyers stop at no. 1, 5 and 6.

Show your client that you are an expert, not just an educated lawyer.
Good luck with rewriting your bio.