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Alex Jones Wants to Get $520,000 a Year in New Bankruptcy Plan

  • Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones filed for bankruptcy, but he wants to be paid $520,000 per year.
  • His company proposed that it would make $30 million annually from selling dietary supplements.
  • It also said it would keep around $560,000 for “executive incentive” bonuses every year.

Alex Jones’ media company has proposed a bankruptcy plan that would still allow him to be paid $520,000 per year.

This plan would also see the far-right conspiracy theorist and podcaster paying less than 4% of what he owes the families of the Sandy Hook victims, over the next five years.

Jones owes around $1.5 billion to the relatives of the Sandy Hook shooting victims. They sued him after he called the 2012 massacre a hoax and said the families of 20 murdered children were crisis actors. 

Jones and his company, Free Speech Systems — which he fully owns — filed for bankruptcy separately in December and July, respectively.

As part of the bankruptcy proceedings, Free Speech Systems filed a reorganization proposal on Tuesday. In the proposal, the company said

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