Alex Jones Discloses More Guns, Moving Crypto in Bankruptcy (1)

Right-wing conspiracist Alex Jones and his lawyers told creditors involved in his bankruptcy that he has 49 firearms and donated about $7.8 million worth of cryptocurrency to his businesses.

As creditors scrutinize his assets, Jones and his lawyers also said at a meeting Thursday that he owns several Rolex watches and a bag of silver coins.

The Department of Justice’s bankruptcy watchdog, the US Trustee, and others used the meeting to ask Jones questions about personal financial statements he filed last week.

Jones’ personal bankruptcy has temporarily protected him against roughly $1.4 billion in defamation judgments. Juries have found Jones and his company, Infowars parent Free Speech Systems LLC, financially liable for spreading falsehoods about the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that killed 20 children and six school staffers.

Jones’ bankruptcy protects him from creditor collection efforts and other court proceedings, but he is required to disclose all of his assets and business activities.

Last week, Jones disclosed that he has been “holding firearms” for people who participated in the Jan. 6 attack at the US Capitol.

US Trustee Jayson Ruff on Thursday told Jones that he needs to better describe his personal and household items.

“It needs to

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The Golden Age of the Knowledge Management Lawyer

The COVID pandemic heralded massive changes in the legal profession but perhaps none more than a renewed respect for the knowledge management lawyers who were pivotal in the transformation to the all-remote practice. Some may even say the last two years have been the golden age for unsung knowledge management lawyers.

“What was incredibly significant is how our profile and how people’s need for our services … just shot through the roof,” said Ginevra Saylor, the director of innovation and knowledge programs at Gowling WLG in Toronto.

“I think that COVID has demonstrated that focusing on core KM will stand you in good stead if you have to pivot at any given time,” said Adriana De Marco, Stikeman Elliott’s senior director of knowledge management, education, and innovation.

Stikeman Elliott had a “mature” knowledge management program, said De Marco, but during COVID they took many of their library and electronic resources and “repackaged them to make them more accessible for lawyers because we knew that that would be an evolving need.”

Sukesh Kamra, the chief knowledge and innovation officer at Torys, a Canadian Global 200 firm, said the need for knowledge management lawyers was “heightened” during the pandemic. Previously a law

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Law professor targets Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez in ‘offensive’ tweets

Law professor targets Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez in ‘offensive’ tweets
Law professor targets Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez in ‘offensive’ tweets

Internet is bashing a well known law professor for writing “offensive and disparaging” tweets about Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez.

According to New York Post report, a Stanford law professor Michele Dauber took to Twitter last Thursday and shared a screenshot of Vasquez and accusing the superstar attorney of “sucking up to male power.”

He further continued, “Of all the women who suck up to male power, women lawyers are the absolute worst of the bunch.”

“Desperate to prove they are ‘real lawyers’ and understanding that being a woman undermines their identity as lawyers, they throw women under the bus as hard and fast as they can,” Dauber wrote.

The law professor was bashed for her harsh words about Vasquez. Reacting to his tweets, one follower wrote, “If your son was falsely accused of domestic violence, I bet you would love for that woman to help vindicate him.”

Dauber subsequently snapped back and replied, “If my son was accused of DV [domestic violence] he would have a lot more to worry about than some Pick Me Girl lawyer. But that isn’t going to happen because

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