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Zali Burrows loses appeal

Burrows has represented former Auburn mayor Salim Mehajer, murderer Bassam Hamzy and terrorist Hamdi Alqudsi, and briefed counsel on behalf of several clients held in immigration detention in human rights cases. She stood as a candidate for the Palmer United Party in the seat of Blaxland in the federal election of 2013.

She filed a separate claim in the NSW Supreme Court on October 20 last year to have the $130,000 order against her set aside, alleging that Macpherson Kelley Lawyers had acted fraudulently in obtaining the order.

In December, she applied to the Federal Circuit and Family Court for an extension to the bankruptcy notice until that matter could be heard. However, Judge Nicholas Manousaridis dismissed her application, finding that she had “no reasonable prospects” of setting aside the judgment debt on any of her fraud claims.

Burrows has since lodged an amended statement of claim in the Supreme Court, alleging Macpherson Kelley made false statements to the court in 2020 when obtaining the $130,000 costs order. Macpherson Kelley say in their defence that part of the evidence they provided to the court was factually wrong but claim this was immaterial to the outcome.

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Zali Burrows sues herself into bankruptcy

Criminal lawyer Zali Burrows’ 12-year pursuit of her own lawyers over a $12,000 sum has pushed her to the brink of bankruptcy, which she is attempting to fend off with more legal action in the Federal Court.

Burrows, whose high-profile clients include former Auburn deputy mayor and convicted fraud Salim Mehajer, murderer and drug importer Bassam Hamzy and terrorist Hamdi Alqudsi, is appealing bankruptcy orders brought against her by Macpherson Kelley Lawyers on grounds including that the notice was not correctly served.

Criminal solicitor Zali Burrows is fighting bankruptcy proceedings brought by her former lawyers.

Criminal solicitor Zali Burrows is fighting bankruptcy proceedings brought by her former lawyers.Credit: Kate Geraghty

The origins of the dispute date back to a legal matter in 2011, since which time a judge of the NSW Court of Appeal has commented that the costs of pursuing the sum awarded in her favour have vastly exceeded the amount in issue. Macpherson Kelley, then known as M&K Sydney, advised Burrows in the 2011 proceedings, with the court making a costs order of $12,239.83 in her favour.

In November 2015, Burrows sued M&K Sydney and her former solicitor Melinda Di Condio in the NSW District Court, saying they had failed to enforce that costs order, with an additional claim of

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