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Easterday bankruptcy divides millions among dozens. What some expect to get paid

After more than a year of negotiations, the Easterday bankruptcy settlement is nearing a conclusion for dozens of businesses owed money.

At a recent hearing, lawyers and Judge Whitman Holt of the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Yakima discussed the latest in a proposed claims schedule for 65 businesses with claims ranging from $300 to $4 million.

In all the claims add up to $10.76 million and represent the bulk of the debts for the Easterday Farms portion of the lawsuit.

The Easterday Ranches portion is still ongoing and includes more than $260 million in claims by Tyson Foods and Segale Properties.

A former Easterday Ranches North Lot cattle feedlot on Blanton Road near Eltopia in rural Franklin County.

So far Rabo Agrifinance is the lone holdout, in its attempt to get more than $1 million owed from property loans.

Attorneys for many of the other businesses reported that their clients voted and approved the tentative settlement amounts, most with more than 90% approval by voting parties.

Judge Holt said that while Rabo could “throw a grenade” on the settlement, it probably isn’t the best course of action. Instead language in a recent filing was added that will allow

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