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Bad pool builder – and his attorney

Bad pool builder – and his attorney

FOX 2 (WJBK)Look who’s got a new photo for their Instagram feed – it’s internet personality Brandon Heitmann.  Yep, Brandon the pool-building-bum has been arrested again.

“There’s going to be justice and that justice is going to take place here in Macomb County,” said Prosecutor Pete Lucido.

Justice is taking place on the federal level as well. It seems Brandon’s company’s ‘restructuring bankruptcy’ has been involuntarily placed into the ‘this company is toast’ category.

With official statements  like this, from a federal bankruptcy trustee, declaring: “The debtor and it’s sole owner and president, Brandon Heitmann, have engaged in conduct pre-and post-petition that is either dishonest or incompetent.”

Harsh words for the headmaster of the Heitmann Academy. And as bad as things are for Brandon Heitmann, it might be even worse for his criminal attorney.

Or should we say ex-attorney, now criminal, Glenn Franklin – because he just got convicted of felony wire fraud.

A lot has happened since Rob Wolchelk did his first story on Brandon just three months ago.

Heitmann runs a company called Exigent.  Brandon liked to brag a lot about his success, showing off fancy cars and vacations.
This influencer had a

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