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US Attorney Rachael Rollins opens probe of racism in Everett city government

The investigation comes as allegations of racism have placed Everett under a spotlight. Though the city — just across the Mystic River from Boston — has a majority of Black and Latino residents, its politics don’t reflect that change. An entrenched — and virtually all-white power structure runs the city with little more than lip service to notions of equity and inclusion.

In one frequently cited example, former councilor Anthony DiPierro, came under attack for using racial slurs in conversations he had described as friendly banter. He refused to step down for months, while DeMaria defended his continued presence in office.

In her letter to DeMaria announcing the inquiry, Rollins made it clear that she believes the recent resignations in DeMaria’s inner circle are indicative of deeper problems in the city.

“Although your relative on the Everett City Council (Anthony DiPierro) and your Communications Director both resigned abruptly last week, that only occurred after months of outrage and public criticism by increasingly large numbers of your constituents,” Rollins wrote. “Former City Councilor DiPierro recently posted a message on his social media appearing

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