client loyalty

Loyalty of high value law firm clients

Loyalty of high value law firm clients

The loyalty of high-value clients to their law firm is largely dependent on the expertise of their lawyer or legal team. As a result, law firms need to be aware of the risks of losing their talented and experienced attorneys, and thus the firm’s high-value clients, particularly in the midst of today’s highly competitive market for experienced attorneys. To do so, there are three primary client engagement areas on which you should focus.

1. Establish a team approach to high-value client relationships for deeper law firm loyalty

First, you need to introduce your firm’s clients to the “rest” of the team that supports them, instead of only having one attorney manage the client relationship. A natural consequence of clients having a single point of contact at your firm is that they come to trust that particular attorney and may not even know who else in your firm is working on their matters. Many firms, however, have allied professionals (operations, finance, project management, etc.) with a wealth of knowledge, training, and industry experience, in addition to law, who can and do offer valuable insight and advice.

For example, law firms should have team members with MBA, CPA, or other relevant

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