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My Bank Wouldn’t Offer Me a Loan After Bankruptcy, But a Credit Union Would

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When I needed a personal loan to help buy a used car, I went to my local bank, where I was a long-time customer. This was two years after my husband and I had filed for bankruptcy due to his business debt, and the bankruptcy had been discharged. So, I thought my best option would be to work with my local bank. When it turned me down, I was forced to look to other institutions. Thankfully, a credit union was willing to lend to us. 

2 Years After Bankruptcy, My Bank Wouldn’t Offer Me a Loan

A few years ago, my husband had to file for bankruptcy due to his business debt. I was devastated when our bankruptcy attorney told me I had to be included in the proceeding because I prided myself on managing our personal finances.

As soon as the bankruptcy was discharged, I set out to rebuild my credit as quickly as possible. This was a tough task given how long it takes to boost your credit

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