Details On Tammy Sytch’s Lawyer Trying To Withdraw As Legal Counsel

Tammy Sytch currently awaits trial on charges of DUI manslaughter. So what’s the latest on the case? Sytch’s lawyer is now attempting to get himself as far away from the case as possible.

As reported by sytch-attorney-seeks-to-withdraw-from-her-dui-manslaughter-case.html?p=1″PWInsider early Monday morning, Sytch’s lawyer, Steven deLaroche, has filed a motion requesting he be allowed to withdraw himself from being Sytch’s legal counsel going forward. The motion was filed last Thursday, June 16, just days after Sytch filed a motion to dismiss the civil suit against her related to her DUI Manslaughter case.

In his motion, deLarcoche cited several reasons for his request to be withdrawn. Chief among them was an impasse between him and Sytch regarding the handling of Sytch’s case, one that deLaroche noted made it impossible for them to continue to work together cooperatively.

deLaroche also claimed that Sytch had not complied with the terms of the employment agreement between them, and noted Sytch would not be prejudiced against if he was permitted to withdraw. As of this writing, no ruling has been made regarding deLaroche’s motion to withdraw.

Sytch was arrested in May on one count of DUI manslaughter, one count of causing death while operating

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