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Understanding sewer and water backup coverage

What is sewer and water backup coverage? 

An optional endorsement on your Homeowners, Renters or Landlord policy that provides protection from costly water damage resulting from backed up drains or failed sump-pumps. 

Does homeowner’s insurance cover water backup?

The standard homeowner’s insurance policy without a sewer and water backup endorsement does not typically cover water damage from a sump-pump or drain. Water backup and sump-pump overflow coverage is an optional coverage that must be added on to a homeowner’s policy.

Do I need water backup coverage?

Yes!  The typical sewer and water backup related claim is now more than $10,000. Even if you do not have a finished basement, you may have a water backup issue that needs to be professionally mitigated to prevent further damage to your home from mold. If you do have a finished basement with a sump-pump or drain, we recommend sewer and water backup coverage of at least $10,000.

Do I have enough coverage?

The average water backup claim is now more than $10,000 according to the Insurance Information Institute! The total amount of coverage would need to be enough to cover the professional water removal or mitigation, repairs to walls or

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