Metro Home Builders Inc. files for Ch. 7 bankruptcy

Metro Home Builders Inc. files for Ch. 7 bankruptcy
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A home builders group goes bankrupt, and their downfall is leaving customers in limbo.

The bankruptcy filing shows that Metro Home Builders Inc. had nearly 60 construction contracts uncompleted.

An attorney WINK News spoke to said that customers should be expecting a letter in the mail in a few days.

The letter outlines the next steps, the most important one being filing a proof of claim.

Former client Rosa Paz Vieira was so close to having her dream retirement home. Instead…

“No landscaping, no septic, no driveway, no irrigation, no vegetation removal, no ac units, no toilets, no hardware,” Viera said.

For four months, nobody came to work on her home.

“They kept ignoring our emails. Nobody would ever reply to anything. So, we went to the main office, and that moment we were confronted with a new owner saying Metro Home Builders is no longer in business. They have sold their property,” Viera said.

Viera had just one of the nearly 60 construction contracts that have now been left in limbo.

“We’re about 65-70% complete,” Viera

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Increasing home, construction costs could impact insurance coverage

Increasing home, construction costs could impact insurance coverage

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SALT LAKE CITY — Rising prices could hit you hard if disaster strikes. Skyrocketing home values and construction costs are leaving gaps in some homeowners’ coverage.

A lot of this varies by policy — most are written in terms of what’s replaced rather than the current cost of materials. But at least one disaster cleanup professional is finding that some mishaps may have limits that are not set to today’s high prices.

What happened in the Parsons’ home could happen anywhere.

“When I got out of bed, I felt like wetness on the ground,” said Josh Parsons.

He made the discovery.

“I came rushing in here, and there was probably about an inch, inch and a half of standing water,” he said.

A toilet leaked all over the floor and down below.

“I went to put some things out in the garage, and when I opened the door, it sounded like a light river in our garage,” said Jeramie Parsons.

Three levels were impacted as water came through the rafters and behind walls and cabinets.

“All of the flooring has to be removed because we have trapped moisture,” said Ryan Marriott, owner of Floodsmen Disaster

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Killing in Wisconsin Was Motivated by Judicial Matter, Attorney General Says

The attorney general of Wisconsin said that a 68-year-old man was killed in his home on Friday in a shooting that appeared to be motivated by a judicial matter, and that others might have been targeted in connection to the case.

Josh Kaul, the attorney general, said in a news conference that the shooting appeared to be “based on some sort of court case or court cases.” He added that “we are not aware of any evidence indicating that there is any active danger to other individuals.”

While Mr. Kaul did not identify the man who had died, an official identified the victim of the shooting as John Roemer, who had served as a judge in Juneau County for several years.

Credit…Tom Loucks/Daily Tribune-USA TODAY NETWORK

The killing unfolded early Friday morning in New Lisbon, a small, rural town in central Wisconsin. Around 6:30 a.m., according to authorities, the Juneau County Sheriff’s Office received a call that said an armed individual was at a New Lisbon home and that two shots had been fired. The person who contacted the police had left the home and called from a nearby house.

Police officers who responded

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Mine collapse in Providence raises insurance concerns

Mine collapse in Providence raises insurance concerns

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) – After a mine collapse in Providence was reported on Wednesday, 14 News sat down with an Insurance agent to discuss how mine-related home damage can be covered.

James Roll with Vaughn Insurance in Henderson said if you live near that mine, it’s time to check out your existing insurance policies.

“See if they have mine subsidence listed on their declaration page,” he said. “That will tell them if they have the coverage and they can read through their policy and find the form that will actually describe the coverage and how it affects their policy.”

Subsidence insurance was also recommended a few weeks ago when surveys in McLean County showed subsidence risks.

Roll said that in many counties throughout the commonwealth, subsidence coverage is required, unless you fill out a waiver.

He said that can be risky.

“If you don’t have the coverage on your home insurance policy, and you have a mine subsidence issue, then you have to go through the legal recourse of trying to sue the mining company and try to get your home repaired that way,” Roll said.

He said even getting the insurance can have its drawbacks.

In particular, Roll said

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