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Modern Vascular files for bankruptcy following Republic investigation

Modern Vascular files for bankruptcy following Republic investigation

Every morning Charles Raymond realizes how much he lost.

He prioritizes God, family and work. He’s 66, he was successful in business, and he has supported eight kids. 

He has a tiger tattoo on his right forearm, a dragon on his left. Inspired by Bruce Lee, he’s a kung fu fighter who feared no evil thanks to his potent kick.

Then he went to Modern Vascular.

After eight surgeries, which he says weren’t all necessary, his left leg was damaged. Other doctors tried to save it. But ultimately, it was amputated.

He’s grown dependent on his wife of 42 years. But she was driven from their bed because he wakes in the night screaming in pain.

When morning comes, the 6-foot-2 former college football player has to remember he’s missing a leg. He has forgotten before, and he fell.

He twists into his wheelchair and maneuvers to the bathroom, squeezing through a narrow doorway to get to the toilet. 

To get to breakfast in the kitchen, he grinds his wheelchair over carpet in his Glendale home. The resistance feels like lifting weights.

Still, he has energy for a fight.

He saw Arizona Republic stories about Modern Vascular that revealed the

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