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Steps For Hiring a Virtual Legal Assistant for Law Offices

Steps For Hiring a Virtual Legal Assistant for Law Offices

Most law firms spend the majority of their time on administrative tasks, many of which are not included in billable hours. On top of that, they need to follow up with clients, negotiate settlements, manage the office and staff, and more. An assistant is a helpful addition to minimize the workload, but that can be expensive for small firms or ones just starting out. Virtual legal assistants are a viable alternative that can help a law firm increase efficiencies, provide a more client-centered experience, and free the lawyers’ time to practice law.

A legal virtual assistant is a skilled professional who works for a law firm from just about anywhere in the world. Legal virtual assistants may provide services like:

All of these tasks can add up, leaving legal professionals with no time to focus on running or managing their own firm.

Working with virtual legal assistants instead of in-office staff can dramatically increase the firm’s efficiency.

Here are some pros of a virtual assistant:

  • Customizable to the firm’s needs

  • Less expensive than hiring a full-time or part-time in-office assistant

  • Relief

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