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Minnesota hog farms say they were fleeced by Windom pork plant’s bankruptcy

The HyLife pork plant in Windom, Minn., owes money to an increasingly long list of creditors that now includes hog farmers, according to bankruptcy filings.

On May 12, attorneys for farmer Greg Strobel filed a court document in Delaware testifying that his farm transferred hogs to HyLife Foods in Windom the same day the pork slaughterhouse filed for bankruptcy.

More of his hogs were delivered into HyLife’s possession the next day, April 28. The Pemberton, Minn., farmer, and many others like him, have yet to be paid for those deliveries as the list of HyLife’s creditors grows in bankruptcy court.

HyLife owes Strobel more than $950,000, his attorneys said in a court filing, “Strobel Farms operated under the Agreement and delivered [hogs] to [HyLife] on April 27 and 28.”

The fallout from HyLife Windom’s sudden demise — including a shortfall in the local school’s funding, an unfinished housing project and the city’s wastewater treatment upgrades — continues to ripple throughout the region.

More than 1,000 workers will likely be laid off at the start of June, and bankers, contractors and electricians who are owed money are filing petitions in the pork processor’s bankruptcy case, seeking to claw back what

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