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U.S. Supreme Court says bankruptcy can’t nix debts for others’ frauds

  • U.S. Supreme Court says debtors unaware of fraud cannot wipe out debts
  • Case concerned sale of San Francisco home with undisclosed defects

Feb 22 (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that individuals cannot use the bankruptcy process to wipe out debts incurred through fraud even in instances when they were not the ones who personally deceived their creditors.

The high court unanimously rejected Kate Bartenwerfer’s bid to use bankruptcy to eliminate debts stemming from a home sale in San Francisco on the grounds that she was unaware of fraudulent omissions her husband made in selling their house.

She had sought to discharge a debt owed to the buyer, Kieran Buckley, who had sued Kate and David Bartenwerfer for selling him their house while withholding information about major defects, like a leaky roof and defective windows.

But conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett said the bankruptcy code allows someone like Kate Bartenwerfer, who was unaware of the deceit, to still be held liable as the law “turns on how the money was obtained, not who committed fraud to obtain it.”

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She noted the bankruptcy code’s bar on debtors discharging debts for money “obtained

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Chesa Boudin’s replacement named as Brooke Jenkins

SAN FRANCSICO (KRON) — Brooke Jenkins has been named the new District Attorney of San Francisco. She replaces former DA Chesa Boudin who was removed from office after last month’s special recall election.

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District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman confirmed the news to KRON4 Thursday afternoon. Confirmation of Jenkins’ appointment was later corroborated independently to KRON4 by a representative from the San Francisco Mayor’s Office.

Jenkins previously served as assistant district attorney from 2014 until October 2021. She resigned in her role to lead the effort to recall Boudin leading up to June’s election, and now Jenkins will be his replacement.

“I left the District Attorney’s office and joined the recall campaign because Chesa Boudin no longer allows the DA’s office to be a voice for victims, particularly victims of color” Jenkins tweeted in May.

Jenkins will serve in her role as the city’s district attorney until, at the very least, after November’s election. It’s possible Boudin could run for district attorney again in that election.

San Francisco Police Department Chief Bill Scott sent his congratulations to Jenkins in a tweet. “I know Brooke

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Boudin opponent named to replace him as San Francisco district attorney

Boudin was recalled during California’s June 7 primary election with 55% of voters choosing to remove him amid claims that his progressive agenda was leading to uninhibited crime levels.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced Jenkins’ appointment at a Thursday evening news conference. Jenkins will serve as the district attorney until November, when she will run as a candidate in a special election to decide who will fill Boudin’s term through 2023, the mayor’s office said.

“I have no doubt that the person who is going to strike that balance and work with me and members of the board and members of our public safety teams and develop good relationships in order to bring about justice in this city in a fair and diplomatic way is no other than the next district attorney for the city and county of San Francisco, Brooke Jenkins,” Breed said.

Jenkins said that this is a moment to “take back our streets,” and that violent and repeat offenders will “no longer be allowed to victimize our city without consequence.”

“San Franciscans do not feel safe and concerns surrounding public safety have become their number one concern,” Jenkins said at the news conference. “The paramount

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